planetary defense - the future of tower defense

Come to the dark side, we have cookies

Picture of a cookie with the text 'cookie'

They come in bulk and seek destruction, but they made one mistake: challenging you. The Imperial Military needs you in its campaign against disreputable rebels that aim to destroy your death star. Will you join the fight?

Death Star PD allows you to build and upgrade towers that will attack enemies that come in range. Limited credits and cookies (also known as energy) - the main ressources in the game - forces you to make meaningful decissions and plan ahead where and what to construct. 17 waves of enemies, that are constantly getting stronger and more numerous, are awaiting you.



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Download for Windows or Linux


Screenshot that shows the death star without the GUI

3D Sphere

In Death Star PD you are navigating on a sphere in 3D space. That's why the enemies are not following predefined routes, like in most other tower defense games, but are taking direct routes, depending on their random spawn points.

Picture of the smalest enemy fighter

Voxel graphics

Do you like Minecraft? Then you will love Death Star PD, because most 3D models are constructed out of cubes. Except for the death star itself of course.

Picture showing all five towers

Tower variety

Tower defense games, in which every tower does exactly the same thing, but just in another color, are boring. In Death Star PD the behavior and use case for each of the five towers is designed differently.

Picture that shows an audio signal


Not only sound effects but also a catchy background music makes Death Star PD a fun game to play. And for the unlikely case that you might not want to hear it anymore, seperately level it down with the audio settings.

Croped screenshot that shows the upgrade GUI dialog

Tower upgrades

By investing imperial credits and cookies you can upgrade your towers, to make them stronger, faster, robuster and more influential.

The force is strong with these four

Picture of a X-Wing as an 3D voxel model

Christopher Giese

Eye Candy Manufacturer - Cats Herdsman - Cookie Baker

Laura Gohl

Baronness of Art - Discordian Voidwalker - Euclidean Space Traveler

Lars Krafft

Voxel Overlord - Pew Manager - Boom Coordinator - Noise Synthesizer

Robin Christopher Ladiges

PD Mastermind - Intelligent Designer - Meat-in-the-Middle Mitigator - Pixel Pusher